Watch: ‘BAAZIGAR’ AARAV fights goons for Arundhati

Watch: 'BAAZIGAR' AARAV fights goons for Arundhati 1

A tug of war is on between Aarav and Arundahti in TV show ‘Baazigar’. Aarav’s uncle wants to do a business and wants to make Aarav his partner but Aarav’s dad Kailashnath suggests that Arundhati should be made the partner. Now, uncle poses three challenges before Arundhati. She completes them and wins the contendership. Now, uncle gives her a few papers and sends her to a client. Easy win? No!!! Goons attack Arundhati in her way to the client’s place. Fortunately, Aarav reaches the spot and saves her. He then tells his family the whole story and how he saved Arundhati. He has won family’s affection and ttrust now but Arundhati feels that it was Aarav himself who sent the goons.

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